Care instructions

Concrete is a characteristically hardwearing and a resistant material like any stone. It can stain and chip if not treated with care. Our unique mixtures of aggregates and pigments along with our specialist sealing process ensures a quality finish. Our sealing system provides the most effective seal whilst maintaining the natural look and feel of the concrete. To help maintain your basin Avoid leaving any liquids on the surface, especially liquids containing acids or alkali as these may cause erosion to the surface of the concrete. If liquids containing these properties do come into contact with the surface we recommend these are wiped away as soon as possible.

Avoid leaving any items on the surface that may allow a vacuum to form. Leaving items on the surface for a period of time can cause a difference in surface texture. All basins must NOT be rubbed with abrasive materials such as metal pads or wire wool as this may result in scratching and permanent damage to the concrete. When cleaning your basin, we advises using a non abrasive cloth and a PH neutral cleaner. Basins must not be cleaned with any products containing bleach. Avoid impact from heavy objects directly onto the concrete surface.

Although concrete is a very durable material the edges are most vulnerable and impact can cause chipping, cracking and in some situations, breakages. As an additional protective barrier and to create more of a polished finish basins can be waxed as and when required. Following these guidelines will limit the effects of everyday use and keep your concrete in the best condition. We recommend the re-sealing of the concrete basin every 6 months with a stone or concrete sealer. 

All Herd and Brown products have a warranty of 1 year against structural failings. It is advised that all basins are fully inspected within 12 hours of delivery and any issues reported. 

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